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Sprach- Sprech- Stimm- und Schlucktherapie



As I come from both, an American and a German background I am a bilingual speaker myself.

I studied Speech and Language Therapy at the University of Münster, Germany until 1998. After graduating, I spent time in Alberta, Canada working for an Assessment Team which provided therapy for school children with a wide range of communcation difficulties.

Back in Germany, I worked in a rehabilitation clinic with as well as within several private practices with adults and children.

Since 2005 I have worked as an independant SLT within a private practice in Zehlendorf with a focus on English and bilingual speakers. I have been able to cooperate with some international and bilingual schools by either providing service for the children in their school environment or setting up an appointment at the office.

In 2011 I completed my Msc degree in Language and Communication Impairment in Children at the University of Sheffield, Great Britain.

Over the years, I have accumulated a large variety of English language therapy materials which I update regularily according to my student`s individual needs.

My three children are students at the John F Kennedy school, a bilingual and bicultural school in Berlin.






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